Top Marketing Content of 2020

marketing contentThere is no doubt that 2020 was a whirlwind of a year related to marketing for new homes and creating marketing content that resonated. The year started off with a bang and then things got even crazier with the outbreak of COVID-19 (coronavirus). Denim Marketing wrote and rewrote copy for clients depending on shelter in place orders and whether building was considered essential or not. Messaging varied wildly from state to state and builder to builder. Throughout the year, we continued to write content for home builders, but we found some time to post on the Denim Marketing blog with the goal of helping the industry through this unprecedented crisis. One of our most successful initiatives was the series of webinars we offered in conjunction with Leah Fellows and Kimberly Mackey.

As we reflect on the top trends in marketing for home building in 2020 and look forward to the top trends in marketing for 2021, we thought it would be fun to look at the top content on our site for the year. And it is no surprise that much of it is focused on solutions for marketing during COVID.

  1. Content Ideas for Social Media & Blogs during COVID-19 was our top post for 2020 with over 1,300 views! Basically, this is a list of topic ideas to use during coronavirus. More than 50 ideas are included on this list, and many of them are still relevant as we enter 2021 with additional coronavirus concerns.
  2. Sales and Marketing during COVID-19 homes in on focusing all content online with tips for remarketing, personalization and more. Examples of what home builders are including in their coronavirus marketing strategies are given.
  3. TikTok and Snapchat: Why Should You Care? takes a deep dive into these two platforms and the popularity of them with Gen Y. This year showed us that sometimes you just need to laugh while reinforcing the growth of video platforms and visuals.
  4. Strategic Marketing – The Pattern for Success is a flashback to 2017. This post talks a bit about the process Denim Marketing relies on for marketing strategy and our secrets to success. After all, without a strategy, it is a wish, not a goal.
  5. Netiquette 3.0: Common Courtesy Meets the Internet continues to be a hot topic. With more and more time spent online, understanding and following proper netiquette is critical for success. After all, you don’t want to be THAT person, right?
  6. Make Your Brand Unique is another oldie but goodie from 2017 that resonated with our audience in 2020. Many companies took time over the past year to take a deeper dive into branding and found new ways to invigorate their brand and make it resonate with potential customers.
  7. Morgan Engages with NAHB in New Leadership Role showcases what Carol does to give back to the homebuilding industry. Well known in the industry for her years of involvement, in 2021 she will serve as Vice Chair of the NAHB Associates and looks forward to hosting more Associates web chats.
  8. Online Homebuyer Mystery Shop Revealed lots of areas for improvement. This secret shop was conducted during the early spring and shows how many home building companies have room to improve the customer journey.
  9. The Next Generation of Marketing Reaching Gen Z dives into the preferences of this generation and how to market to them. Hint: be authentic! Companies need to be interactive and focus on community involvement and giving back.
  10. Vlogging: Reach Your Audience in a New Way is another popular post from the past. With companies looking to embrace digital technologies like never before, vlogging becomes an interesting option to reach target markets through multimedia.
  11. How Different Generations Use Social Media rounds out the top 10 list as bonus number 11. Understanding the demographics and psychographics of today’s buyers helps marketers understand how to best reach them effectively on the customer journey.

As we embark on a new year, look for ways to embrace and improve the customer journey. There are lots of great tips in the Top 10 Blogs of 2020!  And if we can help you be more successful, contact us!

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