50 home builders across the country were shopped for 30 days.
These are the results:

Online Sales Counselors?

40% of builders shopped had
NO Online Sales Counselor (OSC)

Follow Up = Sales Success


increase in sales conversions
by responding within 1 minute


of customers buy from the first company to respond


touchpoints to make an appointment

Data from study by Convolo (formerly Lead Connect)

Speed, Frequency, Diversity

ZERO Builders Called in 30 Minutes or Less




30% Didn't Send Personal Emails
52% Didn't Send Marketing Emails

Builders with OSCs

7% Did Not Send
Personal Email

93% Sent
Personal Emails

Builders without OSCs

35% Sent
Personal Email

65% Did Not Send
Personal Emails

Over 30 days, no one sent more than 6 marketing emails.


52% of Builders Had Autoresponders

Autoresponders are not a substitute for personal response!

Personalized Email Response Time

Responded in 30 Minutes or Less
8% of Builders Responded in 5 Minutes or Less
16% of builders took more
than 24 hours to respond

30% of builders never
sent a personal email!

Responded in 4 Hours or Less

The longest wait for an initial email was nearly 21 days!

Phone Response Time

8% of Builders Took More Than a Day to Respond by Phone

17% of OSCs
Called in
4 Hours or Less

5% of Builders Without OSCs Called In 4 Hours or Less

The longest wait for an initial phone call was 26 days!

Dialing for Dollars

100% from OSCs

100% from OSCs

93% of OSCs only used email for follow-up

Video Email & Texting

10% of Builders Sent One Video Email During the Shop
100% from OSCs
14% of Builders Sent One Text Message During the Shop
100% from OSCs

Diversify Touchpoints: Video Email

2021 Marketing Statistics

Initial Video Email 96% Increase in Click Through Rates (CTR)
The word "video" in the subject line: 19% Increased Open Rate 65% Increased CTR 26% Decrease in Unsubscribes
54% of Email Subscribers Prefer Emails with Videos
Marketing statistics compiled by SNOVio Labs

Touchpoints should include personalized emails, phone calls, videos, text messages, marketing emails and autoresponders.

Frequency of Follow Up

17% OSCs
83% OSCs
100% OSCs

There must be more than one follow up!

Prioritizing Personal Follow-Up Methods

93% of Builders With OSCs Only Used Email For Follow-up
12% of Builders Sent 4 to 6
Marketing Emails
26% of Builders Never
60% of Builders Without OSCs
Never Responded

Chat Can't Replace Follow-Up

30% of builders had live chat

80% with chat also had OSCs

33% of OSCs w/chat followed up 1-3 times
50% of OSCs w/chat followed up 5 or more times
33% w/chat w/oOSCs only followedup 1 time
17% of OSCs with chat followed up 1 time
67% w/chat w/o OSCs NEVER followed up!
20% with chat never followed up!

No lead submissions were made through online chat.

Wrap Up

Change your follow up and incorporate video email!
Be fast:
5 minutes or less!
Be persistent:
8-12 touchpoints.

Download the Online Mystery Shop Results PDF​

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