Sales or Marketing: Whose Job Is It Anyway?

SMPH Crossover event - Sales or Marketing: Whose Job Is It?

Join Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast and Sales & Marketing Power for a special two-part crossover event, Sales or Marketing: Whose Job Is It Anyway? Merging these two popular industry platforms in this lively discussion is sure to be an engaging “don’t miss” event featuring a colorful cast of characters and homebuilding industry friends — Greg Bray and Kevin Weitzel of the Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast along with Kimberly Mackey and Carol Morgan of Sales & Marketing Power Hour.

Part One – Marketing – Whose Job Is It Anyway? – released on the Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast on May 29.

Part Two – Sales – Whose Job Is It Anyway? –  LIVE during Sales & Marketing Power Hour on Wednesday, June 5 at noon ET.

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The crossover event focuses on the pivotal roles of sales and marketing and is tailored for professionals in the new homebuilding and real estate industry. This two-part series dives deep into the critical question of “whose job is it?” —clarifying sales and marketing teams’ distinct and overlapping responsibilities.

Whether you’re looking to sharpen lead generation strategies, refine the customer engagement processes, or better align sales and marketing efforts, this webinar offers valuable insights. Engage with industry experts as they debate and discuss the best practices for driving sales and crafting impactful marketing campaigns in today’s competitive market. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your understanding and optimize the synergy between sales and marketing to propel your business forward. Reserve your spot today and redefine how you sell and market new homes!

Marketing – Whose Job Is It Anyway?

Part One focuses on marketing homes to the target audiences while discussing where the sales team fits in.

  • Is the sales team responsible for generating their own leads, or is this primarily a marketing function?
  • What role should sales play in content creation for promotional materials?
  • At what point in the customer journey does the sales team take over from marketing?
  • Who sets prices and determines promotions?
  • How should sales teams be involved in the digital marketing process?
  • What are the advantages of sales personnel participating in social media and online community engagement?

Sales – Whose Job Is It Anyway?

Part Two takes a deep dive into sales, striving to determine answers to age-old arguments like:

  • How much influence should marketing have over the sales process and tactics?
  • Should marketing dictate the follow-up strategies used by sales teams?
  • To what extent is marketing involved in direct customer interactions typically handled by sales?
  • What is the role of marketing in educating the sales team about market trends and customer profiles?
  • Does marketing take the lead in competitive analysis, or should this be a collaborative effort with sales?

Join us to debate the distinct and shared duties in sales and marketing for new home builders. Let’s examine the specific roles of sales and marketing, discuss overlapping duties, and explore how these two functions can collaborate more effectively in the context of new home sales and real estate marketing.

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Continuing the Journey:

Sales & Marketing Power Hour continues on Wednesdays at noon in 2024! Mark your calendar to join industry experts and head coaches Kimberly Mackey, founder and sales and marketing management consultant of New Homes Solutions Consulting, and Carol Morgan, founder and president of Denim Marketing, for this free webinar series focused on your success.

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