Unleashing Success: Denim Pets Marketing Guidebook

denim pets marketing guidebook

We are happy to share the Denim Pets Marketing Guidebook, a free downloadable guide with tips for successful home builder marketing from Denim Marketing’s OBIE award-winning, tail-wagging marketing campaign. Our guidebook includes marketing tips from our experts on branding, content, graphic design and more, all within the theme of our beloved pets.

Download Denim Pets Marketing Guidebook

Why Focus on Pets?

According to the National Association of Realtors, families with pets represent 70% of American households, while the total number of families with kids under 18 is 48%. A Forbes Advisor study reports that households with annual incomes of $100,000 and over are most likely to own pets. In fact, our beloved pets are so influential that 13.96% of Americans moved from an apartment to a house so their dog would have a yard.

It’s no secret that Americans like their pets, and they spend big bucks on them each year. Forbes Advisors stated that Americans spent $136.8 billion on their pets annually, up nearly 11% within one year. In fact, the average American family spends over $1,500 annually in essential dog expenses. Now that’s a lot of kibble!

Whether furry, feathered, or scaled, our pets are no longer just a consideration; they’re a doggone priority for home buyers. Since pets are important to a home builder’s product, they’re vital to marketing. Campaigns featuring these four-legged family members are more likely to keep pet lovers scrolling, giving marketers the purr-fect opportunity for home developers to chirp about their pet-friendly homes and communities.

About Our Denim Pets Marketing Guidebook

In our guidebook, Carol’s beloved Donkey brays about how branding creates a unique identity that sets your business apart from the herd. Whether you bray, growl, grunt, squeal, whuffle or snort, your brand voice is how you communicate with your audience, and it should be unique to your business. Whether serious and professional, quirky and fun or somewhere in between, the brand voice reflects personality and values.

Discover the importance of introducing content in various formats to appeal to a broader audience. Different types of content appeal to different breeds, so thinking about your audience is essential. Keep graphics, simple, on brand, and use top-quality images. Businesses should use relatable, beneficial or educational content to engage users.

Follow the scent! Social media platforms offer robust insight into which ads audiences engage with through their analytics capabilities. Use these analytics to determine the most engaging posts and create more similar content.

Our guidebook is loaded with paw-some marketing tips and examples of successful pet-centered marketing campaigns created by Denim Marketing for some of our home builder clients.

Download the Denim Pets Marketing Guidebook today to brush up on your marketing.

Of course, you don’t need to promote your pet-loving homes and communities on your own. We will bring our menagerie to help you build a fur-filled dream campaign to match your pet-friendly products.

Looking for a new home builder marketing agency? Reach out to us at 770-383-3360 or via our Contact Form to find out how we can work together.

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