Top 10 Marketing Blogs of 2022

Top 10 Marketing Blogs of 2022

As we move into 2023, Denim Marketing looks back on the most viewed blogs of 2022! The year was full of marketing tips and tricks, chats with industry guests on Sales and Marketing Power Hour webinars and a multitude of prestigious achievements and triumphs. Make sure to peruse this list and catch up on whatever you missed.

Denim Marketing Top Blog Content

  1. Strategic Marketing: The Pattern for Success – Every business needs a strategic marketing plan if they want to be successful. Denim Marketing builds tailored marketing plans to help set attainable and measurable goals. Get started on making a strategic marketing plan for your company!
  2. What Does a $200 Facebook Ad Campaign Look Like? – Facebook ad campaigns and “boosting” posts are two beneficial advertising features when there is an effective strategy behind them. We show marketers how to avoid random acts of marketing, how to market with intent and the ROI a $200 Facebook ad campaign budget can achieve.
  3. Vlogging: Reach Your Audience in a New Way – Reach your target audience in a new way with vlogging! Here are the different methods of vlogging, the benefits of creating and sharing videos, who typically view vlogs and why incorporating video within your content calendar pays off!
  4. Content Featuring Emojis – Love or hate emojis, they are here to stay. Discover more about how emojis improve visibility of content on social media, emails, etc.
  5. Branding for Your Target Market – When it comes to standing out from the competition, branding is the top factor. A strong brand elicits an emotional response that is reinforced to the target market through logos, taglines, images, colors, fonts and more!
  6. Tips for Effective Media Relations – Creating a strong media relations strategy is key to maintaining a transparent relationship between businesses and journalists. Denim Marketing team members share tips on how to improve media relations strategies.
  7. Home Builder Social Media and Blog Ideas – Looking for content ideas for home builder social media and blogs? We’ve got you covered! Explore the list of blog and social media ideas specifically for home builders, thoughtfully curated by the Denim Marketing team.
  8. Virtual Tours vs Model Homes! – Do home builders still need model homes in today’s digital environment? Sales and Marketing Power Hour hosts Kimberly Mackey and Carol Morgan are joined by guests Kevin Weitzel from Outhouse LLC, David Payne from Invent Dev and Danny Collins from Media Lab to discuss virtual tours vs model homes.
  9. Netiquette 3.0: Common Courtesy Meets the Internet – Thinking about netiquette is a necessity in today’s world. Discover tips on  generational communication styles, the rules of business communication, email etiquette and more!
  10. The Latest Trend in Color Renderings – Architectural renderings or color renderings are trending with today’s new homebuyers. We show how MarTech allows shoppers to envision their new construction home before it is complete.

Have a favorite blog or topic from the Denim Marketing site? If so, let us know which one in the comments. Also let us know if there are topics you’d like to read about.

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