Top 5 Marketing Resolutions for 2022

2022 marketing resolutionsThe New Year is right around the corner. Are you ready? If you haven’t started planning for marketing in the new year, or even if you have, here is a list of our top 5 marketing resolutions for 2022. Resolutions are great ways to evaluate your business and make improvements. After all, improvements and adjustments lead to success. Let’s all look for ways to be more effective with our marketing in 2022.

  1. Look at the Big PictureCourtney Stewart, Senior Account Manager

The number one resolution businesses need to set for 2022 in relation to their marketing is to step back and take a big-picture look at their entire strategic marketing plan. Our world has drastically changed over the last two years, and some things will never return to the way they were before. Have you evaluated your marketing efforts to ensure it matches up with any monumental shifts that have occurred in your industry? If not, 2022 is the time to do it!  Use our blog Strategic Marketing: The Pattern for Success as a road map to a list of marketing resolutions.

  1. Remember the Netflix EffectCarol Morgan, Founder & President

We live in a we want it now world where buyers are used to immediacy. Think about all the changes that have been fast tracked or magnified over the past two years. The Neflix Effect is what I refer to as the we want it now, expect it now mentality. Buyers are used to access 24/7 and to some extent they demand and expect it from all businesses. Does this mean you need to be open 24/7? No, but it means you need to have all online assets up-to-date and accessible. Consumers need to find what they want, when and where they want it whether that is on a website or a social media page. Read this blog to discover more about the Netlix Effect and marketing to today’s buyer.

  1. Include a Public Relations PlanMandy Holm, Account Manager

I’ll never stop saying it – every business marketing plan should include public relations (PR)! As marketing continues to evolve in the digital age, it is crucial for businesses to maintain positive relationships with local news media, as well as a positive online reputation. Both potential and past customers need to think of your company as an expert in your field, whether that be building homes, selling a tangible product or providing a service – enter a thoughtful PR strategy. A seasoned PR team, like Denim Marketing, has the tools and communication tactics to get your company’s most exciting news in front of your target audience. Click here to learn more about Why Should Your Marketing Plan Include Public Relations?

Beyond a thoughtful PR strategy, most companies are at the very least on social media, the most popular being Facebook and Instagram. With its focus on visual elements, there are several tactical elements to employ to make Instagram an effective option for sales. Read Instagram: All the Nitty Grid-y to learn more.

  1. Incorporate VideoGabriela Lumpkin, Marketing Coordinator

Going into the new year, businesses should assess opportunities to incorporate video into their marketing strategy. Studies show that 69% of consumers prefer watching short videos to learn more about a brand. By creating short videos, brands can attract new customers, drive audience engagement and share informational content that builds trust. This strategy is especially effective for home builders – homebuyers desire high-quality videos to gain a firsthand look at your products! From home tours to customer testimonials, FAQ sessions and much more, there are a wide variety of ways to create value through video for your customers. Denim Marketing has fantastic tips and tricks for creating lively video content to capture audience attention and boost engagement. To learn more, check out our blog on Ideas for Brand Videos that Engage.

  1. Your Audience is Your Best Marketing Tool –  Melissa Walcott, Marketing Coordinator

In a world where social media saturates users from all angles, it’s more important than ever to create interactive content that directly reflects audiences. User-generated campaigns are fantastic marketing tools to include your audience in your social media campaigns while building lasting personal connections. Implementing response posts, user testimonials and video interviews create a community within your brand that is more inviting and stimulating. The more you interact with your audience, the more likely they are to follow, retweet and share your page with others. Social media is a fantastic resource to discover your audience as well as interact with them – don’t waste this powerful tool! Denim Marketing has fantastic tips on how to increase your brand’s activity through follower interactions and content. For additional tips, check out our blog on User-Generated Content: Turning Fans into Creators.

Let us know in the comments what you are focused on for your 2022 Top Marketing Resolutions. And, as always, If you need marketing help, we’d love for you to contact us or call us at 770-383-3360.

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