Ideas for Brand Videos that Engage

person holding phone playing videoSocial media videos are more prevalent than ever, offering brands an exceptional opportunity to take advantage of this trend. Creating brand video content is a great way to attract new customers and drive audience engagement. Research shows that 93% of brands attained new customers after sharing a video on social media.

To put some sparkle on your brand, like bling on blue jeans, the Denim Marketing team has a few important tips and tricks to help your brand create fun, lively content for current and future customers.

Hook in Viewers

Captivate viewers within the first few seconds of the video. It is important to capture user attention quickly! Users decide whether to watch social media videos based on the split-second impression they receive by scrolling onto content. From strong visuals to alluring music or attention-grabbing statements, a brand’s social media video should provide a strong hook to cultivate curiosity in viewers.

Create a Recurring Series

YouTube videos lead people to binge-watch a brand’s recurring series, whether it’s about renovating an old French chateau or a world-class chef recreating nostalgic desserts from scratch (yummy). Recurring content creates consumer trust and offers long-term benefits. Make it binge-worthy! Create videos consistently that consumers enjoy. This both personifies the brand and offers relatable appeal to consumers. Consider mixing in live videos to offer viewers regular content to watch and actively engage with the brand.

Offer Value

Successful social media videos evoke strong emotions from viewers through the use of powerful storytelling. It’s important for the brand to feel relatable to the consumer, rather than sales focused. Consumers crave compelling information and stories that stand out instead of being informed on why they should buy from a particular brand. Consider a series of educational videos like our series: The Marketing Thread.

Since the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers now expect brands to be conscious of the new normal and how their lives have changed. Surveys suggest that the pandemic increased the number of online videos people watch exponentially. Take advantage of this trend by creating valuable brand content that truly resonates with viewers. Implementing genuine stories from the brand’s customers or adding heartfelt elements can be beneficial in the current age of video marketing.

Utilize Captions

Not only do captions improve the search engine optimization (SEO) for social media videos, but they also increase the time that viewers spend watching the video. With captions, 80% more people are more likely to watch a video all the way through. Captions also boost comprehension, attention and memory of video content.

Adding captions to videos also ensures that the content is inclusive and accessible to those who are hard of hearing or deaf – a total of 37.5 million people. Without captions, brands miss vital opportunities to connect with an entire audience segment.

Shorter is Better

Effective social media videos are short, sweet and concise. Don’t make the audience wait too long for the central message of the video. Viewers enjoy videos that are bite-sized and easily consumable with a valuable message. Ensure that brand videos don’t include excess fluff elements in favor of content that is truly engaging and meaningful. Focus on creating the best 90 second video that you can produce!

Rather than packing videos with information about a complex topic, spread out important messages throughout a video series that offers viewers the opportunity to explore various aspects of the topic on their own time. Ultimately, viewers appreciate simple videos that quickly pique their interest and encourage them to act if they want to know more.

Another effective and inexpensive way to create videos is by creating what the Denim Marketing team refers to as Video Shorts. These short 10 to 30 second videos are comprised of photos, graphics, captions and sound. Video Shorts can be produced using the free video software available on your computer or with PowerPoint.  Here is an example of a video short.

Whip Out Your iPhone

Although high quality social media videos are a top priority, this doesn’t mean that brands must only use professional camera equipment to produce content. Mix up social media video content by incorporating both professionally shot videos with videos shot by the company’s staff. Allow brand staff members to utilize the video capabilities of their mobile device to offer a relatable touch within the videos. When brands share videos that are shot by real company employees this adds a personable quality and personality to the social media content that leads to greater engagement.

Need more social media marketing tips on how to make videos for your brand? We can help your company implement strong marketing strategies. Reach out to the Denim Marketing team at 770-383-3360 or click here.

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