How Does Blogging Contribute to Home Builder SEO?

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Morgan Joins Anewgo of Home Sales Podcast

President of Denim Marketing Carol Morgan joins Anya Chrisanthon on the Anewgo of Homes Sales Podcast to share her strategies on home builder promotions, innovative blogging and valuable tips on boosting search engine optimization (SEO) by blogging effectively. From novel content approaches that engage and entertain, this episode is packed with tips to boost your marketing to a whole new level.

Tune into the Anewgo of Home Sales Podcast video below to listen to the full interview!

SEO is a significant factor in the success of a brand’s digital presence. Morgan dives into the importance of utilizing creative tools such as immersive home tours, captivating photography and well-written copy to enhance the SEO behind a business website and why effective SEO goes hand in hand with consumer engagement.

Tune in for ingenious strategies to breathe new life into existing blog posts without rewriting them from scratch. Revamping older blogs that are among the site’s top content is helpful when working towards increasing SEO status. “Make sure you look at your Google Analytics monthly to determine your top blogs,” said Morgan. “You might be getting traffic from something that talks about fall festivals that is two years old! No need to throw that blog away; just repurpose it.” Rewrite old blogs and publish them with a new date.

Look at time on site as well. If website users aren’t spending much time on a specific blog post or webpage, then enrich these posts with content that encourages them to linger a bit longer. Think about what slows you down and include additional photos, photo galleries, videos and  3D tours.

Morgan also mentions the effect of creating a marketing campaign that is fresh and unique, such as the Denim Pets campaign. Adding a bit of fun within marketing strategies, like writing from a dog’s point of view, is not only exciting for the marketing team but intriguing to viewers who are ultimately in charge of how well content is seen online. After all, more Americans have pets than children.

Building a career on carefully listening to clients and developing intentionally personalized plans to fit clients’ wants and needs perfectly, Morgan is renowned for being authentically creative and thoughtfully reliable. Morgan and the team at Denim Marketing create big-picture marketing strategies that include advertising, public relations, social media management, content creation, blogging, reputation management and SEO efforts that reflect the new Google Helpful Content Update.

At Denim Marketing, we understand that not one size fits all. Contact our team today to try us on for size by calling us at 770-383-3360 or via our online form.

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