The Providence Group Finds Success in Video Campaigns

The Providence Group Vlog Campaign Graphic

Video serves a vital role in online marketing and selling homes; it is versatile, entertaining, engaging and easily sharable across multiple platforms. Due to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, home builders across the country were forced to temporarily close sales centers and resort to new methods of sales, marketing and communications. Many home builders, including several Denim Marketing clients, found video campaigns were part of the solution.

The Providence Group recognized growing homebuyer demand for video long before it became necessary due to coronavirus. The builder regularly posts a wide variety of videos including video blogs (vlogs) and segments of Atlanta’s Best New Homes (ABNH) Show. To maintain the traction it had already produced from video content, as well as continue to increase views and follows on YouTube, Denim Marketing stepped in to help.

Working with Denim Marketing, The Providence Group implemented an effective video campaigns using a combination of strategies and tactics across social media and the builder’s website to drive traffic to the YouTube channel. These strategies and tactics include organic posts on social sites, Facebook ads and blogging.

Planning and Content Creation

The multi-site/channel video campaign was designed to find buyers across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.  Using social media, the vlogs and ABNH videos were promoted as video-specific blogs and individually linked videos. These posts always included a link to drive traffic from the original post to the home builder’s YouTube channel.

Additionally, several other specific tactics were also used to promote the builder’s YouTube videos and channel. These tactics promoted The Providence Group videos and YouTube channel and helped make viewing them an easier, more enjoyable experience.

Specific tactics included:

  • Sharing YouTube links on all social media (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter).
  • Publishing individual blogs announcing each video and sharing them across social media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter).
  • Facebook ads linked to different videos each month.
  • Facebook ad campaign to push subscription to The Providence Group YouTube channel.
  • Creating Playlists on The Providence Group YouTube channel to consolidate all vlog and ABNH videos in their own respective categories for viewers to enjoy.

The Results

The combination of strategies and tactics proved incredibly successful for the video campaign. Between June 2019 and June 2020, The Providence Group YouTube channel earned 36,919 views, 224.3K Impressions, 982.6 hours of watch time and a 16.06% increase in total views. The builder’s channel also had a 26% increase in total subscribers.

The Facebook ads related to individual vlogs, ABNH features and subscribing to The Providence Group YouTube channel that ran from June 2019 through November 2019 resulted in 733,835 Impressions 361,647 Reach and 6,325 Results (Link Clicks, Post Engagements, Video Views, etc.). The ad made specifically for subscribing to the YouTube channel featured a custom graphic and linked to an automatic subscription URL.

Generally, accounts see an increase in overall organic views month-to-month, but actually getting these viewers to hit the “Subscribe” button is a challenge, making this campaign a success. Throughout the campaign, social media continued to remain a top driver to The Providence Group website. As an extra bonus, in June 2020 the builder’s website received the highest amount of traffic from social media in two years!

Home builder marketing has evolved, and video is critical. It is time to start your video campaign today! Our team at Denim Marketing is experienced in crafting effective video campaigns that generate traffic and interest. Contact us at 770-383-3360 or click here to get started on your video campaign success.




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