Top Marketing Resolutions for 2019

marketing resolutionsMarketing resolutions don’t have to be hard to execute or expensive to implement. As you dive into marketing for 2019, take our top marketing resolutions into account.

First of all, remember to conduct a quick audit of your marketing basics. These are the core of what makes the entire marketing strategy effective – your brand, content and strategy, and website. Make sure that the core is solid and built to collect traffic and leads. For tips on how to ensure you have done this, check our recent articles – Economic Uncertainty Got You Down?Does Your Brand Convey Brand Promise?, and What’s Powering Your Social Media Foundation?

With the basics in place and updated for the new year, it is time to look at a few more tactics. Here are our top marketing resolutions for 2019.

  1. Account Manager Mandy Holm states — Businesses in 2019 should consider public relations necessary, not expendable. Don’t wait for a crisis or reputation issue to arise before implementing a public relations plan and strategy! Public relations should be included as a tactic for all business marketing plans. A seasoned PR team will be familiar with its client’s brand, news and stories to find fitting opportunities for the company to contribute to local news stories. Building and maintaining relationships with the news media creates connections that pay off in terms of placement when it comes to distributing announcements and press releases. Creating these stories helps consumers see the company as an expert — a reputable source they want to buy from.
  2. Account Manager Amanda Meade says — My advice for clients in 2019 is to be more innovative and creative. Whether it’s to stand out from competitors, meet customers’ needs or simply market their product, creativity and authenticity will be the key to reaching a new audience in the new year. Look at adding creative promotions, graphics, photography, and movement – lots of video, 3D tours, Facebook Live, etc.
  3. Senior Account Manager Courtney Rogers adds — Businesses need to make a resolution to spend money on social media advertising. Facebook’s changes continue to put emphasis on fostering meaningful conversations and relationships between real people. And, these changes have once again put business pages on the backburner in terms of priority, meaning if you aren’t paying to play…it could very well be a waste of time to play! We see success with budgets on Facebook and Instagram as low as $200 a month. Of course, we also manage Facebook advertising budgets as high as $5,000 a month that promote multiple events, communities, etc. No matter how big or small your budget, it can be effective when properly managed.
  4. Agency President Carol Morgan chimes in — 2019 is a great time to focus on creating content that resonates with your buyers. Content should reflect your brand promise and be compelling. Don’t settle for generic content that is poorly written. You can find mediocre content at a low price all over the internet and even from some well-known marketing agencies. Not only will your target market not engage with this content, it is very likely to hurt your SEO (search engine optimization), especially since it often will appear on multiple websites. Want further information? Here’s an article on How Generic Content Can Kill Your Business from Forbes. Take the time to produce blog posts, social media posts, website copy and promotions that are original and creative. Your buyers will reward you!
  5. Bonus –  Lasso CRM recently compiled Top New Home Marketing Tips for 2019. Denim Founder Carol Morgan was included, so enjoy this quick and fun read from some of the most respected marketers in the homebuilding industry. 

Now that we’ve shared our Top Marketing Resolutions for 2019, we are going to take it a step further and share our personal resolutions. Over the years we have discovered that writing down our resolutions makes us accountable and much more likely to achieve them. Chime in as we ring in the new year and share your resolutions as a comment!

Courtney – In 2019, my goal is to save more money. I want to be able to pay off the last little bit of lingering debt I have (thanks, college

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