Top 10 Marketing Blogs of 2023

Top Marketing BlogsAs we welcome 2024 and say goodbye to last year, Denim Marketing looks back on the top blogs of 2023. Last year was marked by significant new market trends, the introduction of AI and much more. From chats with well-known industry leaders on Sales and Marketing Power Hour webinars to 12 months of trends and industry tips and numerous awards, we are taking a moment to reflect on the best of 2023 and our most popular home builder marketing blogs for the year.

Denim Marketing Top Blog Content

  1. What Does a $200 Facebook Ad Campaign Look Like?Businesses operating a Facebook Business page are likely familiar with Facebook ads and boosted posts. Both are incredible social media strategies to create conversions and increase leads. Learn why small builders don’t have to spend tons of money to be successful on Facebook.
  2. Strategic Marketing – The Pattern for Success To ensure success, every business needs a well-crafted strategic marketing plan, a specialty of Denim Marketing. Whether it’s a comprehensive suite of services or specific components, we create customized strategic marketing plans to align with the unique requirements of both sizable enterprises and smaller businesses. We aim to guide you in purposeful marketing efforts, steering clear of haphazard marketing endeavors.
  3. Can Home Builders Use ChatGPT for Marketing? Is ChatGPT a valuable tool for home builder marketing? To delve into this subject, we enlisted ChatGPT to compose a blog post! While it presents certain advantages and disadvantages for marketing, exploring its capabilities is undeniably an asset. AI is great for sparking creativity and first drafts.
  4. Sir Donkey Discusses How to Make Your Brand Stand Out Greetings, it’s your beloved sassy miniature donkey. Some folks call me Donkey, while others prefer the more formal address of Sir Donkey of Thistledown, the residence of Carol Morgan and family. As a pint-sized individual who consistently receives compliments on my charming ears, dainty hooves and endearing braying, I’ve mastered the art of standing out—whether in a crowd or a pasture. As part of the award-winning Denim Pets series, Donkey and other staff members’ pets offer tips on branding, graphic design, Instagram and more.
  5. Denim Marketing Wins 8 Gold OBIE Awards A huge highlight of the year was winning eight Gold OBIE Awards during the 43rd Annual OBIE Awards ceremony. Once again, Denim Marketing swept the social media categories, winning with campaigns for Ranch Cottages for Rent, a build-to-rent general contractor, Peachtree Residential, a luxury builder, and others.
  6. Expert Series: Chris Hartley with K. Hovnanian HomesAnother popular series of posts highlights experts in the home building industry. With close to 20 years of experience in new home sales across diverse roles in the industry, Chris Hartley shared a wealth of knowledge with our audience. Currently serving as the VP of Sales for K. Hovnanian Homes in DFW, he is not only a Certified Trainer for the Texas Real Estate Commission but also a regular contributor to leading industry publications. Chris has been featured on numerous industry podcasts and is a highly sought-after public speaker.
  7. Home Builder Social Media & Blog Ideas On the hunt for inspiration for your home builder social media and blog content? We get it—finding that next big idea can be challenging, especially when faced with the dreaded writer’s block! Blogs and social media are powerful tools for expanding a builder’s reach and enhancing engagement with potential leads. Check out our list of ideas next time your team is stumped on what to write.
  8. Tips for Effective Media Relations An effective media relations strategy necessitates the integration of coherent messaging, precision in targeting media lists, developing newsworthy media pitches, and crafting compelling, well-written content. Establishing a transparent relationship between a business and journalists is a pivotal means of fostering a connection with the intended target audience.
  9. Gen X Replaces the Boomer as the New 55+ Homebuyer For the past few decades, Boomers have been the predominant force in the housing market as 55+ buyers. However, home builders now need to shift their focus to a new generation entering its mid-50s. Often referred to as the forgotten or sandwich generation, the oldest Gen Xers are hitting 58 this year. The youngest among them is merely 43, indicating that for the next 12 years, this generation will be navigating the transition into 55+ active adult homebuyers, evading AARP cards in the mail.
  10. So, You Got a Lead, Now What? Acquiring qualified leads poses a formidable challenge. In a recent Sales & Marketing Power Hour episode, we delved into the art of attracting the right leads. Insightful discussions focused on converting leads by addressing the distinctive challenges faced by today’s homebuyers. Hosted by the dynamic duo Carol Morgan of Denim Marketing and Kimberly Mackey of New Homes Solutions Consulting, Sales & Marketing Power Hour is an award-winning webinar series.

Comment below which Denim Marketing blog is your favorite! Let us know of any specific topics you would like to explore or read about.

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