Ironing Out the Wrinkles with Reputation Management

Reputation ManagementIn a world where clients find businesses from a Google search, it is crucial to know what other people are saying about your company. Putting a Reputation Management program in place and monitoring conversations helps companies truly understand how clients see, think and talk about them. Conversations about your company are typically started by customers. And, what that customer thinks of your company will be passed along to their friends and family, who in turn will continue to spread the information.

What people say about your business online is the single most important reflection of your company’s quality, reliability and skill. In Nielsen’s most recent Global Trust in Advertising study, 66 percent of global consumers indicated they trust online reviews from strangers when making purchasing decisions, no matter what the profession.

When Denim Marketing works with businesses on reputation management, we take a long look at how your business appears online. We research what reviewers write about you and develop a strategy to capture positive testimonials that boost your online presence. We then address any reputation management issues that are identified with a multifaceted approach. First, we work to push negative results off of page one by creating and optimizing other results to show higher in search engine rankings. Second, we work to get happy homeowners to write testimonials and participate in videos. These testimonials are included on your website and in blogs and social media posts.

“When you Google your name, do you like what you see?” Reputation management, according to Carol Morgan, president of Denim Marketing, is liking what you see when you Google your name. Bad reviews come with the territory, and a proliferation of review sites make them even easier to write, and for potential customers to find. Bad reviews will always be a part of the mix, and the reality is that potential customers don’t expect you to have a spotless reputation. They do; however, expect to be able to find reviews and testimonials online so that they can form their own opinion.  Be proactive, have a plan in place for responding to any negative reviews and make your reputation a marketing priority. The reality is that businesses that have a lot of negative reviews often have a problem with the business process or customer service. Engaging a third-party company focused on these may help to shed light on the problem and the best way to implement a change.

You’ve spent years building your business and invested countless hours perfecting every detail. Keeping tabs on your company and brand through Google searches isn’t narcissistic, it’s necessary. If your brand has been through the wringer, our team at Denim Marking can help get you back in shape. Our experts will craft a program to help your reputation shine.

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