Go Big and Go Home – An Interview with New Home Sales

“Why another social media book? Why now?” was one of the main questions asked to Denim Marketing Founder and President Carol Morgan during her live interview with Quint Lears of New Home Sales.

A marketing expert, Carol was an early adapter to social media and is always learning about new sites and tools and creating new ways for clients to get their brands noticed. At the core of each client’s marketing program is a focus on their customers. You have to understand what they want, what’s important to them and how to address that in a way that uniquely fits them. “The first few books were geared toward setting up social media accounts, but ”Social Media Marketing for Your Business” is about marketing and how social media fits into the big picture of marketing,” Carol stated in the interview.

The first step in helping your social media fit into your big picture marketing strategy is to ensure you have a sound foundation in place. That means having a strong website, complete SEO program, relevant content and firm branding in place. “Skipping the website, skips an essential piece of communicating with the buyer,” says Carol.

Once your website is in order, posting on social media accounts drives traffic back to the website. Knowing the hot platforms and where to spend most of the time on social media makes a huge difference. Carol advises small companies to focus on one or two platforms and actively work to get engagement. For bigger companies, the more eyes the better, meaning dominate the social media world through all outlets.

There are two billion people currently using Facebook. YouTube videos are constantly being watched, tweets shared and Instagram pictures liked. The truth is, not every single member of your audience is going to see everything you post. They will see what is on their feed at the time they log in. The biggest mistake made in marketing is not keeping content, videos and imagery up-to-date.   A second mistake is not having fun!. Content should be relevant and informative but also engaging and interactive.

In Carol’s new book, she discusses how to make big-picture marketing fun. There is a checklist at the end of every chapter to help companies evaluate their social media sites. It’s a self-survey to see where your business ranks in today’s social media world. Social Media Marketing for Your Business first explains why you need a website, a page and a brand that you can control. Then it details how you can fit new media into the puzzle and get more traffic. This inspiring new book is available at www.builderbooks.com.

Since 2005, Carol has been two steps ahead in the social media world. What’s in store for the future? She says FacebookIQ has predicted a big trend. It’s about reaching your audience the way they want to be reached and having your content span over multiple devices with various ways to watch, listen and read. This new book is loaded with information and Carol’s expert advice, including these words of encouragement about starting with a strong content plan: “Look at the next three-to-six months, look at milestones and start a content plan. Find people within the company who like to write and take pictures. Make it fun!” Carol states.

Carol is available to speak to your association, chamber of commerce or other business groups. Contact her at 770-383-3360 or via the Contact Us on this site.

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