Effective Agrihood Marketing

effective agrihood marketing

As people look for ways to connect with nature and live simpler lives, agrihoods continue to grow in popularity. Homeowners love these tight-knit sustainable communities with energy-efficient homes and farm-to-table living. Agrihoods are ideal for individuals looking to enhance their lives and experience healthy living at its full potential. With these communities sprouting up everywhere, it is important to know what effective agrihood marketing entails.

With a founder who lives on a farm, the team at Denim Marketing knows a bit about living in concert with nature. Additionally, Denim Marketing has represented all types of communities, large and small, master-planned and active adult; we know the tools and strategies to utilize to ensure your agrihood or conservation community reaches the perfect target audience.

What is an Agrihood?

An agrihood, also known as a conservation community, is a neighborhood built around a farm. These communities offer sustainable lifestyles centered on health and wellness, featuring farm fresh produce, fresh air and simpler times. Increasingly popular with everyone, including Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z, agrihoods are typically situated within urbanized areas. Environmentally conscious homeowners love feeling like they are doing something good for Mother Earth by living in an energy-efficient or net-zero home in a community centered around a farm.

Today, there are more than 100 agrihoods in the United States, and many real estate developers see agrihoods as a preference for future development.  Many homebuyers are attracted to unique features such as a sense of community and inclusivity, as well as ample educational opportunities. Community amenities covered by the agrihood’s HOA include working farms, ample green space, miles of walking trails, farm-to-table restaurants, community clubhouses and more.

Agrihoods have a unique story to tell and lend themselves to marketing centered on storytelling.

The Importance of Storytelling

Instead of focusing on selling individual homes within an agrihood, it is imperative to utilize the uniqueness of the neighborhood to tell a story about the lifestyle and overall feeling of living in a conservation community. “I think the biggest strategy we use when marketing an agrihood is storytelling,” says Courtney Stewart, vice president of client services with Denim Marketing. “We want buyers to understand the vision for the community, how special the lifestyle is and the ways homebuyers will enjoy living in an agrihood.”

Public Relations

Sharing the story behind the agrihood and how it offers a better quality of life is key to gaining traction and trust with potential buyers. Utilizing public relations or media relations to tell the story not only broadens community awareness but also provides an outlet for conservation communities to share their narrative on how agrihoods are an option when looking for a new home.

For example, our client Pendergrast Farm is the second conservation community in the state of Georgia and the only neighborhood of its type in Atlanta. The agrihood received much attention after our talented team landed placements in several local and online publications about the community. Stewart mentions, “The onsite agent told us her phone was ringing off the hook and the onsite traffic was nonstop the few days after the first story hit a local publication.”

Gaining third-party credibility through trusted news outlets helps to reach a broader audience and expand the agrihood’s awareness.

Digital & Social Media Efforts

For most prospective buyers, seeing is believing! Buyers need to see the vision for the conservation community. To successfully market an agrihood, showcase visuals that clearly depict the aesthetic and overall feel of the community. Whether through renderings, site plans or stock imagery, it’s important to paint the picture as soon as possible.

Once photography is available of the conservation community, share it to show the vision as it becomes a reality.

Social media is a good way to reach the target audience while showing off the community using imagery, video and special features is a fantastic way to grab buyers’ attention. A few ways to utilize digital tools and social media are to share behind-the-scenes videos of how the community uses farm-fresh ingredients from the on-site garden to provide delicious farm-to-table meals, post photos of residents enjoying a wellness workshop or show visuals of the net-zero homes. The possibilities are endless!

Are you ready to effectively market your conservation community or agrihood? Contact us today at 770-838-3360!

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