2024 Sales & Marketing Tips: Lasso Roundup

Welcome to the much-anticipated Sales & Marketing Power Hour Lasso Roundup! This year, we delved into the evolving world of sales and marketing, with a special focus on the dynamic changes and innovations shaping our industry.

Joined by industry experts and one especially cute mini donkey, hosts Carol Morgan with Denim Marketing and Kimberly Mackey with New Homes Solutions Consulting share top tips for sales and marketing in the new year.

Donkey joins SMPH

As home builders recalibrate sales and marketing tactics for the year ahead, the SMPH Annual Lasso Roundup highlights the latest trends and pivotal strategies in sales and marketing that are vital for home builders.

This year’s panelists include:

  • Dennis O’Neil, ONeil Interactive
  • Haley Naebig, Novi Homes
  • Leah Fellows, Blue Gypsy
  • Sara Williams, Anewgo
  • Chris Hartley, K. Hovanian
  • Heidi Schroeder, Lasso

After Sir Donkey of Thistledown left the Zoom, we kicked it off with a discussion on sales! Here is a bit of the Q&A and banter from the event.

Q: What kind of data should sales managers be looking at regularly to assist with managing their team?

Heidi, with Lasso, stressed the importance of leveraging the data available in your CRM system to get top-level insight into what is going on in terms of sales. By creating individual dashboards for each salesperson, managers can monitor leads, appointments and overall performance. This provides a way to keep an eye on traffic and leads that a particular person is getting in any given week or month, however you’d like to see it.

Get rid of those Excel documents and work within your CRM to get really good data and to set goals. Move forward with a better growth mindset by utilizing a CRM.

Q: What does Semper Gumby mean, and how does it apply to online sales?

Leah with Blue Gypsy introduces the term ‘Semper Gumby,’ translating to ‘always flexible.’ She discusses its relevance to online sales counselors, highlighting the need for adaptability in an ever-changing industry. She stresses the importance of staying flexible with technology, particularly AI, and balancing analytical and empathetic skills.

As we head into 2024, we have to continue to be flexible and able to adapt to change because things are rapidly changing in our industry.

Q: How can sales and marketing teams make sure they’re being intentional with how and who they are aligning themselves with?

Haley with NoviHomes discusses the critical need for intentional alignment between sales and marketing teams. She shares her personal experience, underscoring the importance of cohesive goals and actions, and highlights the significance of aligning sales strategies with customer experience.

Align your goals with your actions. The partnerships that last are the people who bring new ideas, not necessarily new products.

Q: Should salespeople expect all of their leads to walk in the door as a result of the home builder’s marketing efforts?

Kimberly with New Homes Solutions argues that salespeople should actively contribute to generating 50% of their leads, suggesting that a balanced effort between the marketing department and sales team is essential. She advocates for a proactive approach in lead generation and highlights the importance of accountability and motivation in sales teams.

When salespeople generate their own leads, they are 50% more likely to convert that traffic.

It’s a very simple formula. For the average salesperson with a 10% conversion rate, they need to drive 10 traffic units per week. 10 prospects, right? And those are unqualified, not an A, B, C or D. They’re just bodies that have expressed some interest. Five is the number of first appointments that an A salesperson needs to have every single week. Two is the number of be-back appointments, and this should translate to one sale.

The panel moved on to discuss marketing, well, really AI!

Q: How do you see Artificial Intelligence (AI) impacting sales and marketing in our industry? 

Sara with Anewgo delves into the influence of AI on sales and marketing, cautioning that as AI grows, the need for human roles may diminish. She emphasizes the importance of emotional intelligence and the ability to leverage AI for efficiency, urging professionals to enhance their skills to stay ahead.

Included in her comments was a long list of resources for those wanting to learn more about AI that are included here:

Follow on LinkedIn:
Allie K Miller (she is a Top Voice on LinkedIn on the topic of AI)

Bernard Marr

John Lee

Follow tags on Linked In for #ArtificialIntelligence.

Listeners can join Sara’s Facebook group Elevate New Homes where she shares what she is learning or reading about AI and tech that is applicable in our industry: www.facebook.com/groups/980438546163018.

Check out Sara’s GPT for new home sales and marketing (subscribe to ChatGPTplus first) here: chat.openai.com/g/g-d6ERZCGNr-sarai.

Q: What has happened recently in AI development that has changed your outlook on its impact potential?

Dennis with ONeil Interactive discusses the latest advancements in AI, explaining its practical applications and potential for discovering new connections in data. He encourages embracing AI not out of fear but for its ability to enhance professional capabilities and efficiency.

The price is when artificial intelligence can identify connections between datasets that no one had identified before.

Q: What audience do you need to consider for your blog? Is AI important to consider?

I explore the intersection of AI and blogging, emphasizing the need for content that resonates with humans despite technological advancements. Create authoritative content and adapt to AI’s influence while maintaining a human touch.

You are going to need more content moving forward.

Enjoy our video recap!

Wrapping up this year’s Sales & Marketing Power Hour Lasso Roundup, it’s clear that the future of sales and marketing lies in embracing change, leveraging technology and maintaining the human element. By staying adaptable, data-savvy and AI-aware, professionals in our industry can navigate these evolving landscapes with confidence and success.

As always, we hope you get tips from this Sales & Marketing Power Hour webinar that you can implement today! Join industry experts and head coaches Kimberly Mackey, New Homes Solutions Consulting founder and sales & marketing management consultant, and Carol Morgan, founder and president of Denim Marketing, for this free webinar series focused on your success. Look for this series to continue on Wednesdays at noon in the new year!

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