Lasso CRM is Designed for Helping Homebuilders Track Leads

The goal of businesses is to get more customers!  But often businesses get customers to sign up online or better yet through the door, and then the customer is dissatisfied with the interaction (or more likely, lack thereof) they receive from the business. Having a customer relationship management (CRM) system is no longer optional, but mandatory if you want to increase customer service, sales and profits. As a company focused on getting your business the most bang for its buck, Denim Marketing spoke with an expert at Lasso CRM and got the inside scoop on how they help clients get the highest return on investment (ROI) from their CRM system.

McKay LassoAccording to Angela McKay, Vice President of Client Experience at Lasso CRM, every homebuilder should ask themselves three questions when considering a CRM system:

  1. Does the technology address/solve the problem?
  2. Are the resources available internally to ensure that everyone understands and is on the same page?
  3. Does the culture support CRM? If not, what do we need to do to change it?

Additionally, a CRM system should be easy to set-up and easy to use. It should capture leads from all online sources and provide quality tracking. A CRM should truly be the data hub for all of your systems. Data security and reliability should be top priority for businesses and customers and support and training should be the number one priority for the CRM provider. “It’s advantageous to choose a CRM that is \customized for your industry,” McKay stated. “Not only is the software built to work the way you do, but the training and support you receive will be more relevant as it will be industry specific.”

“Sales pros need to recognize the value of a CRM and be willing to learn and embrace the changes … because it is a change,” McKay stated. A CRM like Lasso equips sales and marketing people with information to better understand and serve their prospective home buyers and purchasers. When prospective homebuyers reach out to builders for information and guidance, they receive personalized communications based on their profile information. “A CRM not only helps sales and marketing professionals stay organized, but it also provides a systematic approach to sales,” McKay explained.

Lasso is committed to being an educational resource to the homebuilding industry. For almost a decade, Lasso has been providing industry-related webinars primarily for new home sales and marketing professionals. These Lasso-hosted webinars are delivered by the top industry leaders who are experts in sales and marketing, such as Denim Marketing Founder, Carol Morgan. Additionally, Lasso provides guides and other resources to help homebuilders be more successful through their marketing efforts.

When asked how Lasso CRM software plays an important role in today’s housing world, McKay responded, “Not only does Lasso provide software that is specifically built for new construction sales and marketing, but we have the resources to help builders get setup and utilize the software.” She continued, “We provide support not just at initial setup of the software but ongoing for as long as they are a client. Lasso truly becomes an invested partner with clients and is committed to ensuring they see a return on investment.”

There are many reasons that companies search for a new CRM. If homebuilders are new to CRM, then it’s typically because they have grown to a point where they cannot manage their prospects and they are losing leads. Often times, builders have a hard time determining their ROI on their marketing spend and want to better understand their leads. They also look for a system that will ensure that leads are cared for and managed properly throughout the buying process. “Leads that aren’t followed up on are marketing dollars wasted” McKay observed. If a builder is looking to move from another system, the reasons fluctuate between functionality, ease of use and implantation. To determine specific goals, the builder has to know the cost of leads, where their best leads are coming from and what stage a prospect is in.

Lasso CRM helps builders get the most out of their marketing money by understanding where leads are coming from, determining the best source and calculating conversion rates. Lasso has been designed specifically with the home builder in mind. Lasso varies from the competition because they work with the builder and their sales pros by specifically making follow-up simple. They create a repeatable, easy and effective sales process that receives leads from multiple sources, such as BDX, Zillow and other listing directories. They also track buyers’ interest through their digital engagement and visits to the website.

“Thousands of dollars go into marketing, and the cost of a lead can be very high, so the importance of attribution is essential to success,” McKay stated. “Knowing what works and what does not allows marketers to focus on the highest quality leads, and never losing a lead ensures that all leads get followed up on.” Lasso helps builders by:

  • Creating a system to nurture every lead
  • Providing a consistent and systematic way to manage prospects
  • Customize the follow-up process based on the source of the lead
  • Maintain and build prospect profiles from initial interest through to purchase
  • Analyzing and managing sales and marketing data

CRM systems can be confusing, especially for beginners. Lasso provides several ways to support and train clients. “Every new client with Lasso receives several online training sessions, including how to manage the system, sales agent training, and training for marketers,” McKay explained. “Additionally, we offer clients the option for additional training and assistance with implementing sales processes and email marketing initiatives. Providing an extra session for sales teams, post-implementation, to assist with adoption and usage proves to be beneficial for clients to see a greater return on investment.”

Along with on-demand videos for administration, management and agents, Lasso provides a huge amount of online help. Plus, their support center is available to answer questions and help users through the application.

If you’re shopping for a CRM system, visit to learn more. Denim Marketing is a strategic marketing agency tailoring content for ads, blogs, social media, public relations and promotions. To learn how we can help get relevant leads for your business, contact us or call 770-383-3360.


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