Why Your Business Needs to Keep Up with Gen Z

Keeping it Real with gen z

It’s about to get real – and it has to in order for businesses to reach Generation Z. Born between 1995 and 2012, this generation consists of a new breed of customers. Known as Gen Z, this modern market wants nothing but authenticity – “real” news and social media posts.

As the most tech-savvy generation, Gen Z grew up on social media and can research their way through anything, including your company. If your business markets pet-friendly homes, make sure the corporate culture backs that statement. Marketing to a generation with unlimited social resources means messages need to be communicated clearly and quickly.

Begin Marketing on Social and Mobile

Marketing to Gen Z needs careful consideration and planning. Since most of their time is spent on the internet, strategies should start on social and mobile. Messages should include multiple touch points with direct, no-fluff messaging. Videos, pictures and true stories are the tactics that attract this powerful consumer base. Always answer the question, “what’s in it for them.”

Make it Quick

According to a study conducted by Atlanta-based Response Media, Gen Z uses different social platforms for distinct activities. On Instagram, they showcase themselves; Snapchat is used for real-life moments; Twitter is where they get the news, and Facebook is where they extract information. With quick touches and micro-interactions, marketing posts must be tailored to each social media platform while also involving content that catches Gen Zers attention. While millennials are known to stop for a moment to read posts, Gen Z wants to get straight to the point.

Make it Real

As previously mentioned, Gen Z wants to highlight real people, real news, and real products. One 16-year-old Gen Zer mentioned in an article published by CNBC, “We’d rather see companies supporting homegrown heroes than industry giants.” If you’re a home builder promoting a new community, this is the perfect opportunity to highlight all local vendors and employees, such as the builder and community agent. A local ice cream shop could showcase how the ice cream is made and each team members favorite flavor and toppings.

Gen Z has raised the bar from simply selling and informing to persuading and referring. Words such as “flash sale,” “one-time offer,” and “act now” will not work with this generation. Instead, provide quality customer success efforts, real customer experiences and real photos or videos of products and services.

Looking Toward the Future

By 2020, Gen Zers are expected to account for about 40 percent of the population. That is only two years away! Marketing messages from businesses need to begin incorporating authenticity, entertaining interactions and short directives if they plan to reach this upcoming generation. Social media trends are bound to change between now and then, but companies will benefit from keeping up with Gen Z’s wants and social behaviors. This group has the potential to help your business grow its revenue tremendously, as long as the marketing strategies are up-to-date and meet their needs.

When you’re ready to target Gen Z and evolve your marketing efforts from informing to delighting, give Denim Marketing at call at 770-383-3360 or contact us.

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