Is TikTok Right for your Brand?

TikTok is a social media site centered around sharing really short videos. Consider it a snack sized candy bar, while YouTube is the full-sized candy bar of video sharing. As I started writing this article on TikTok, I asked two questions: “Is TikTok Right for your brand?” and “How can home builders utilize TikTok?” TikTok…

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New LinkedIn Features for Business Pages

LinkedIn features for pages have greatly expanded over the past few months and there are several worth noting. When consumers and businesses think of social media, so many times the sites that are top of mind are Facebook and Instagram. However, with 167 million users in the United States, LinkedIn is the dominate channel for…

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Creativity Leads During COVID-19

There is a lot of energy focused on marketing during the COVID-19 (coronavirus) crisis and one fact is for certain, creativity leads during coronavirus. Today I’m focusing on what companies in the homebuilding industry are doing well. The coronavirus crisis has sparked lots of creativity. From major corporations separating the letters in their names, to…

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BLING: Two Gold Hermes Marketing Awards

Denim Marketing announces that we were awarded two Gold Hermes marketing awards and received two honorable mentions from the Hermes Creative Awards. An International competition for creative professionals, the Hermes Awards competition evaluates the creative industry’s best publications, branding collateral, websites, videos and advertising, marketing and communications programs. “We are thrilled to be recognized for…

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Content Ideas for Social Media & Blogs During COVID-19

Coming up with content ideas for social media and blogs during this COVID-19 (coronavirus) crisis isn’t always an easy task. Brands want to keep content flowing and stay top-of-mind and make a sale or two if at all possible.  But, what can we write about that consumers are interested in? Well, thanks to Google we…

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Grow Your Business with LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn isn’t just for finding jobs, building connections or sharing business news. The professional networking platform is also a savvy business tool for advertising, offering several easy to use features that help businesses reach their ideal customers and achieve their business goals through detailed targeting strategies. Why Advertise on LinkedIn? Audience-wise, LinkedIn is pretty impressive.…

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Our New Normal: Flashback to Mayberry

Life after the coronavirus outbreak is going to be very different, our new normal is different now and it is going to continue to change in the future. People are going to place a value on different things than before and put a different focus on where they spend their time. Even in our technology…

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FREE Webinar: Sales & Marketing, Chart Your Course

Chart your course: whether it is digital marketing, coronavirus messaging, or how to have a safe in-person meeting, we are focused on getting it right for now. In Part 4 of our FREE webinar series, we have prepared a whole new session for you. We are bringing in a guest presenter, Jane Meagher, President of…

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Coronavirus Messaging: Keeping it on Track

We have all made a shift in where we work and how we work. As an industry, this crisis has us innovating and learning to embrace and take advantage of technology such as virtual tours, video, chatbots and more. Technology will help us make sales now, and we will be sharper and more targeted as…

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