Top Marketing Resolutions for 2019

Marketing resolutions don’t have to be hard to execute or expensive to implement. As you dive into marketing for 2019, take our top marketing resolutions into account. First of all, remember to conduct a quick audit of your marketing basics. These are the core of what makes the entire marketing strategy effective – your brand,…

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Public Relations for Condos Tells the Story

Back in the day, before the great housing recession, condo marketing and public relations for condos was hot! There were lots of condos being built in Atlanta, around the Southeast, and nationally. We had the distinct pleasure of promoting many of them through public relations, blogging, social media and community outreach. Some of the projects…

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Successful Campaign Increases City’s Facebook Engagement by 230%

The ‘P.S. Did you know?’ campaign was designed to promote the benefits of living in the City of Powder Springs while encouraging interaction through social media. This city marketing campaign encouraged residents and people familiar with the City to share their favorite things about Powder Springs to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #PSContest.…

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Denim Marketing Celebrates 20th Anniversary

According to the anniversary experts, you are supposed to give china for a traditional 20th anniversary. Or, if you are going more modern, give platinum. If feeling a little trendy, the day lily is the flower associated with the 20th anniversary. We’d like to suggest an alternative to all of these! In 2019, Denim Marketing…

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What’s Powering Your Social Media Foundation?

It is no longer a question of whether social media drives leads and sales; the question is how does your business use this powerful tool to drive traffic and leads? Is your social media foundation working? Is social media one of the tactics used in your marketing strategy or is it something that happens at…

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Economic Uncertainty Got You Down?

If you have watched a TV news cast or read a paper, you’ve read about economic uncertainty. Big-box retailers and malls are closing. Home builder confidence is down, and the stock market is all over the place. So, how as a business, do you plan for the New Year not knowing exactly where the market…

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