Viral Pinterest Campaign

J. Wright Building Company projectJ. Wright Building Company, a premier custom home builder in Birmingham, Alabama, is a member of the Southern Living Custom Builder Program. The builder completes several custom homes throughout the year, many featuring a modern farmhouse design. When we started working with this client, the builder wanted to extend his reach on social media and grow their presence on the platforms in which the company has a profile.

To help J. Wright Building Company expand on social media, we created and executed a tailored marketing strategy with the goal of increasing reach and bringing awareness to potential buyers. To begin, we created a monthly calendar filled with stunning interior and exterior photos to post across several social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest. We utilized engaging copy and hashtags to further expand reach, impressions and results on posts.

In May of 2019, an image of a custom exterior home on Indian Lake in Pelham went viral on Pinterest. We shared several photos of the home, showcasing a variety of different angles.

The top performing Pin continues to generate incredible traffic almost two years later. In the past six months alone, the Pin has resulted in:

  • 1,270,457 impressions
  • 47,780 Pin clicks
  • 9,465 saves
  • 4,774 outbound clicks
Pinterest Analytics

Additionally, several other photos featuring the same custom home continue to perform well on Pinterest and drive traffic back to the website. The six most popular Pins over the past 180 days all feature photos from the Indian Lake project and collectively resulted in:

  • 4,611,967 impressions
  • 162,989 Pin clicks
  • 33,554 saves
  • 15,084 outbound clicks

For the past 20 months, the collection of Pins featuring the home on Indian Lake in Pelham, Alabama not only continue to perform phenomenally on Pinterest, but also consistently drive traffic back to the website. The most visited page on the J. Wright Building Company website every month is the page linked in the viral Pins. Additionally, a large majority of that traffic is sent to the website page from Pinterest.

The month before the Pin garnered interest on Pinterest, the J. Wright Building Company website earned 1,958 visits. This almost doubled after the we posted the pin, climbing to 3,836 visits to the website. Traffic was up to 5,774 visits only two months after the Pin went viral.

These numbers remain steady almost two years later. In 2020, the J. Wright Building Company website consistently saw upward of 5,000 – 7,000 visits to the website each month. We have tracked as much as a 288% increase in traffic to the website after the Pin originally posted! Since the new J. Wright Building website went live in March 2020, Pinterest has sent 53,052 total visits to the website!

J Wright Building Pinterest analytics

To help continue the popularity surrounding the Pins featuring a custom home on Indian Lake in Pelham, we create new Pins and re-Pin each month. We utilize creative hashtags, graphics and sharing strategies on the Pinterest account. Each month, the page continues to see fantastic results!


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